Compounding automation without sacrificing personalization

Make individualized dosages from gummy chewables to tablets hands-free with 1 machine.

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The AutoCompounder

Effortless compounding through innovative automation

Skip the tedious part of the compounding process with the push of a button. The AutoCompounder takes care of making the desired final dosage forms, verifing the dose, and even cleaning up, while you or your staff do more important things. With Vitae, you will look forward to making tablets and gummies and feel like you have an extra technician available around the clock.

How it works

Mixing in Beaker

Prepare compound

Mix the drug (API) with dosage form-specific inactive ingredients according to our vetted formulas.

Cartridge Filling

Fill & insert cartridge

Fill our cartridges with the compound and clip it into the AutoCompounder

AutoCompounder Display

Make Dosages

Enter drug, strength(s) and quantity. Click start and walk away.


Compounding at the touch of a button


Accurate, high-quality tablets every time


Customize dose by tablet and by batch

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Jeanine Sinanan-Singh

Jeanine Sinanan-Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel DeCiccio

Daniel DeCiccio

Co-Founder & CTO

Emma Handy

Emma Handy, PhD

Senior Scientist

Alex MacIntosh

Alex MacIntosh, PhD

Senior Scientist

Frank Schunk

Frank Schunk, PhD

Senior Scientist

Advisors & Partners

Danny Warshay

Danny Warshay

Executive Director, Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, Brown University

Anubhav Tripathi, PhD

Anubhav Tripathi, PhD

Director of Biomedical Engineering, Brown University

Edith Mathiowitz, PhD

Edith Mathiowitz, PhD

Director of Biotechnology Graduate Program, Professor of Medical Science and Engineering, Brown University

Alyson McGregor, MD

Alyson McGregor, MD

Assistant Professor, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University

Claudia Estrin

Claudia Estrin

Consultant, Myrtle Potter & Company
Former VP, Genentech

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